I’d had Wargroove on my to try list for a little while and the news it was leaving gamepass persuaded me to play it. It had been described to me as similar to advance wars, which was a game I enjoyed in the Gameboy advance many years ago.

Each scenario is played on a map with a range of available units and buildings. Most scenarios require you to either defeat the opposing commander or capture the stronghold. Each unit has strengths and weaknesses, for example pikemen are effective against knights. There are also critical hit bonuses that vary by unit, so archers get a bonus if they don’t move before firing whereas knights get a bonus if they move 6 or more spaces before attacking.

Each scenario is played on a map like this one but with its own objectives

My favourite scenarios were those with slightly different objectives to merely defeating the enemy. Early in the game there is one where you have to evacuate villagers. Later you have to move a small group of units from checkpoint to checkpoint.

You receive a rating for each scenario

Each scenario gives you a rating when you finish. The difficult setting limits the number of stars you can earn if you go for an easier option. I haven’t tried the easier options as I wanted to be able to get all the stars.

In between each scenario there is a short cut scene that advances the story

The easiest difficulty setting describes itself as for those who want to enjoy the story. The story is somewhat random, you end up in fights for seemingly no reason. I wasn’t playing it for the story, but for the tactical turn-based combat, so I didn’t mind.

Unfortunately due to it leaving gamepass I didn’t have time to complete the game. I had one scenario where I made a mistake at the end that cost me the mission, it had taken over an hour to get to that point so I didn’t want to replay it straight away. I enjoyed my time with it but not sure I can justify buying it when I have so many other games to play. I’ve added it to my switch dekudeals list so if it gets a good offer on there I’d consider buying it – I think it would be great hand-held!

If you want to try it out on gamepass you’ll have to be quick – it leaves in a couple of days! If you enjoy turn-based combat it is definitely worth a quick look at.

3 thoughts on “Wargroove

    1. I love fire emblem: three houses. Wargroove isn’t as good and reminds me more of advance wars – it doesn’t feel very similar to play to fire emblem.

      In fire emblem the ability to improve units, change classes and equipment and build relationships really adds to the game. Wargroove doesn’t have this and it’s more managing resources to buy new units each turn.

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