6. Agricola

Next up on playing our games in order of rank on boardgamegeek is Agricola. Agricola was one of the first games I bought after playing a few gateway games (mainly Carcassonne and Ticket to Ride). I was drawn in by the cute animeeples, but underneath the cute exterior is a much harder and unforgiving game. … More 6. Agricola

5. Wingspan

Wingspan combines two things I love – board games and birds. I feel this puts me at a disadvantage when playing as I’ll often choose a bird because I like it rather than it being useful for the game. Today it was the European Robin, my beautifully voiced back-garden friend, who must make it into … More 5. Wingspan

4. Concordia

We got this game a few years ago. It is definitely our sort of game – no confrontation, no real blocking, just get on with your own plan. However you do need to keep an eye on your opponent, you can use their moves to your advantage with a well timed diplomat. You also gain … More 4. Concordia

3. 7 Wonders Duel

This is a game that I was very excited to initially get, but then didn’t get played that much. I thought it ticked all the right boxes, small card game which doesn’t take that long to play. I have played 7 Wonders and enjoyed it. So what was the problem? It’s mean. I don’t enjoy … More 3. 7 Wonders Duel

1. Scythe

So last week we (my husband and I) came up with a plan to play every game we own in the order they are ranked on boardgamegeek. That means that first up is Scythe. To make sure it got played I set it up on the living room floor and then a couple of days … More 1. Scythe

Isle of Trains

Just before my husband’s birthday I popped into the local board-game shop to see if they had anything suitable to add to his birthday presents. As I didn’t have a game in mind I browsed the cheaper games and was drawn to the Isle of Trains as my husband likes steam trains. I followed this … More Isle of Trains