Lonesome Village – cute, gentle puzzles

As part of my 2023 challenge I’ve included finishing and reviewing 12 videogames in an attempt to make me play games through to the end. I’ve defined end as the generally recognised finish, not 100%, so usually the point at which the credits roll. Although some games I will play until 100% (including this one). … More Lonesome Village – cute, gentle puzzles

A couple of Kickstarters – Dale of Merchants Collection (with added penguins) and Microbrew

I have previously written about my joy at receiving the original Dale of Merchants and how excited I was to back the sequel (even if the penguins didn’t quite make it). So when the Dale of Merchants collection appeared on Kickstarter it was an instant back. Not only does it include the long-awaited penguins, but … More A couple of Kickstarters – Dale of Merchants Collection (with added penguins) and Microbrew

Kickstarter Musings

I love watching things on Kickstarter (and deciding whether to back them or not) for many reasons: being able to contribute to discussions; seeing what stretch goals there are and wondering if they will be met; and then the excitement of knowing that one day unannounced in the future if I back a package will arrive … More Kickstarter Musings

Thunderbirds are go!

My husband loves the Thunderbirds TV Show (and I quite like it too), we are currently watching all the original episodes on DVD. So when I found out that there was a Thunderbirds board game coming out to celebrate its 50th anniversary I knew I had to look into it. Then I saw it was a co-operative … More Thunderbirds are go!

Sweet Dreams

I just had a knock at the door and was very excited to receive my copy of the game that got me into backing games on Kickstarter (I blame the Women and Gaming Forum on BoardGameGeek). Project Dreamscape has arrived! I was eager to open the box, although that proved slightly tricky as the box … More Sweet Dreams