About Me

Having got into playing boardgames regularly, since starting to date my now husband, I’ve decided a blog might be a fun way to record my thoughts, share my Kickstarter highs and lows and generally comment on the games we play.

Usually I play 2-player with my husband, when we visit his parents we get some 4-player light-medium games in, and if his sister and brother-in-law are around at the same time we will occasionally get to play 6-player games. I own far too many board games (over 100) and writing about them encourages me to play the ones I own rather than buy more.

I’ve been a videogamer for longer than I’ve played board games, but recently I’ve got more into console games as board gaming opportunities have become less frequent so I’m expanding the scope of this blog. I currently have a Nintendo Switch, Nintendo 3DS, Xbox One (with ultimate so lots of gamepass games) and a PC (which plays most games I’m interested in, but does not have the processing or graphics capabilities for some games – no planet zoo for me…)

One thought on “About Me

  1. Hi Mel
    Just scrolling through Facebook as unable to sleep and looked at this blog. What fun!
    I am coming to Sheffield soon to have some tests under Prof Hadjivassiliou and seem to remember you working with a Prof and doing GF stuff.
    How are you and how is your health??
    Newent much the same as usual just more new housing. Don’t know if this is any use but hope it reaches you with my love and all blessings in Christ.
    Jeanette xx


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