Fractured Minds

Another game that appeared on the leaving Xbox gamepass soon list that sounded intriguing and so I gave it a try.

Fractured Minds is short, very short – about 30 minutes. This suited me as annoyingly there was no way to invert the y-axis controls so I found it tricky to play. However in some respects this added to the atmosphere of struggling to get through everyday life.

The six levels each representing a normal life experience

There are six levels, each dealing with a different scenario you might face on a regular basis – unlocking a door, attending a party, going outside. Each one has difficulties represented by a locked door that needs to be opened by completing the puzzle. In several levels you also see glimpses of the monster that lurks.

The monster is a mental health issue. It is there lurking. Occasionally images and words representing the state-of-mind will momentarily flash up on the walls. You can feel your heart rate increase as you hear it beating in the game. The music is excellent and adds to the tension. It’s all a bit disturbing.

I found the game uncomfortable to play, and that wasn’t because of the y-axis being the wrong way up for me. The game does a good job of making you feel uneasy and a bit anxious. The words that will appear on the walls or a glimpse of the monster out of the blue are unsettling. I’m not sure enjoy is the right word, but I found it worthwhile and I’m glad I played it.

Facing the monster makes you brave and strong even if it doesn’t feel that way

It is definitely worth trying before it leaves next week. At less than an hour long there is no reason not to.

2 thoughts on “Fractured Minds

    1. He’s there very briefly if you look back as you finish the level by unlocking the door. Did you see him on the cars level? – that one gave me a shock!


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