5. Wingspan

Wingspan combines two things I love – board games and birds. I feel this puts me at a disadvantage when playing as I’ll often choose a bird because I like it rather than it being useful for the game. Today it was the European Robin, my beautifully voiced back-garden friend, who must make it into my nature reserve. Tomorrow it could be the Mute Swan, my elegant companions on the local walk around the pond.

The artwork is beautiful and I love the little facts on each card. I’m quite content sat looking at the cards without actually playing the game. As a European, that expansion was a must buy for the local birds. I was then given the Oceania expansion as a present, although we haven’t played with it yet I have sat and appreciated the artwork.

Gameplay itself is fast and easy to understand. I like this style of game, low on rules but rich on choices. Each turn you do one of 4 things, then follow the instructions on the card and board. Every game is different, as every bird is different.

The egg component are lovely, although they make me want to eat mini eggs. Incidentally these wouldn’t be a good snack as it would be easy to mix then up and end up attempting to eat your components – not good for your game or your teeth.

All of our games have been close. On our most recent game I thought I’d lost by miles but there were only a few points in it.

Each round leaves you wanting just one more turn to get something done. This makes you prioritise – do you go for the bonus points of play an extra bird, set up the next round or take easy points now?

This is easily one of my favourite competitive games in my collection. Only one thing would improve it – more penguins! Would love an antartica promo, featuring the best penguin – the feisty Adélie…

Next up: Agricola – one of my first purchases

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