4. Concordia

We got this game a few years ago. It is definitely our sort of game – no confrontation, no real blocking, just get on with your own plan. However you do need to keep an eye on your opponent, you can use their moves to your advantage with a well timed diplomat. You also gain benefits from some of their actions.

Having said all that we haven’t played this as much as we should. It takes a while to set up and each game takes at least 45 minutes but usually longer. It just doesn’t fit well with being busy. We’ve drifted more towards shorter card games.

This game does though deserve to make it to the table. Having replayed it for this review, I do now want to play it again. It feels like a fun puzzle working out which cards to play and in which order. When to use your tribute to get your cards back. Hopefully it will not be long before we play it again.

Next up: Wingspan

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