3. 7 Wonders Duel

This is a game that I was very excited to initially get, but then didn’t get played that much. I thought it ticked all the right boxes, small card game which doesn’t take that long to play. I have played 7 Wonders and enjoyed it. So what was the problem? It’s mean. I don’t enjoy mean games. I don’t like others to be able to mess with my plans. And so it sat, unplayed, for months and years.

To play through our games so that I can write about them in rank order meant this was up next. And so, eventually, we played it again. I lost. By military. Did I mention that this game is mean? However I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. I’d actually be more than willing to play it again, maybe my tastes are changing.

The game itself is cleverly designed, as you choose a card on your turn you reveal and make available other cards for your opponent. Sometimes this backs you into a corner and this is why I find it a mean game. On our last round I didn’t want to be forced into revealing new cards but the simple laws of mathematics were against me, there was nothing I could do – that aspect I don’t enjoy. I want to be able to attempt to rescue myself from a situation. Not just watch it play out, helpless.

There are three ways to win. By science (collecting symbols), military (collecting strength) or civilian (most victory points). To gain a civilian win you need to ensure your opponent doesn’t finish the science or military route before the end of the game. In our game I was close to a civilian victory, but I kept being forced into revealing cards that gave my opponent military strength. I lost with only 3 cards left on the table.

I would play it again. In fact I may suggest we play it soon. I just wish it was less mean.

Up next: Concordia

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