1. Scythe

So last week we (my husband and I) came up with a plan to play every game we own in the order they are ranked on boardgamegeek. That means that first up is Scythe.

To make sure it got played I set it up on the living room floor and then a couple of days later we had our game. I won and we immediately decided to play again, so I got it set up ready to play a few days later. This may seem an odd thing to do, but generally I don’t like setting up games when I want to play, so by setting them up in advance it avoids this problem. And we have no cats…

The second game was the first time we have come close to combat. We are usually both very combat averse. This time, however, he kept stealing my resources by sending my workers back. I had no mechs due to an objective I’d been aiming for so I set off with my character. As I approached he realised what I was up to and sent for reinforcements. This meant I didn’t attack and instead focussed on my last few popularity hearts to place my final star. I won by miles. A combination of him losing popularity by displacing my workers and putting all of his units in one place cost him the game.

I’d forgotten how much I enjoy Scythe. The many paths to victory. The great illustrations. The fact I usually win. And, for some unknown reason, that the mechs smell of vanilla. Hopefully we will play again soon, when he is over his losses. But for now onto:

The Castles of Burgundy

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