A couple of Kickstarters – Dale of Merchants Collection (with added penguins) and Microbrew

Dale of Merchants
The original Dale of Merchants

I have previously written about my joy at receiving the original Dale of Merchants and how excited I was to back the sequel (even if the penguins didn’t quite make it). So when the Dale of Merchants collection appeared on Kickstarter it was an instant back. Not only does it include the long-awaited penguins, but it also has seven other unique animals and a host of extras to extend the longevity of the game. These extra features include character cards with special powers and trap cards to hinder opponents. I’m also looking forward to having a single storage solution and the deck selection cards to help choose which decks to use for our games.

If you like your games in a small package check out Microbrew – a worker placement beer brewing game in a mint tin for 2-players. We enjoy games we can take on holiday easily, and my husband enjoys a beer so what better game to pick up.

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