Fractured Minds

Another game that appeared on the leaving Xbox gamepass soon list that sounded intriguing and so I gave it a try. Fractured Minds is short, very short – about 30 minutes. This suited me as annoyingly there was no way to invert the y-axis controls so I found it tricky to play. However in some … More Fractured Minds


I’d had Wargroove on my to try list for a little while and the news it was leaving gamepass persuaded me to play it. It had been described to me as similar to advance wars, which was a game I enjoyed in the Gameboy advance many years ago. Each scenario is played on a map … More Wargroove


Unlike my foray into Oxenfree as it was leaving gamepass, Carto had been on my radar for a while and was an instant download on getting gamepass. It didn’t disappoint, although I would have loved more puzzles – I felt it ended abruptly. I finished it in a weekend – just kept going I’ll just … More Carto


Board gaming opportunities are becoming less frequent and so I decided to investigate some of the available games on Xbox game pass. Oxenfree is not my normal type of game, but as it is leaving soon I thought I’d check it out. It’s probably best described as an interactive horror story. You play as Alex, … More Oxenfree