Lonesome Village – cute, gentle puzzles

As part of my 2023 challenge I’ve included finishing and reviewing 12 videogames in an attempt to make me play games through to the end. I’ve defined end as the generally recognised finish, not 100%, so usually the point at which the credits roll. Although some games I will play until 100% (including this one). … More Lonesome Village – cute, gentle puzzles

The Touryst

I wasn’t sure whether The Touryst was my sort of game but the announcement it was leaving gamepass was the impetus I needed to try it out. I’m glad I did. It’s a combination of puzzles with a bit of platforming. You talk to the people on each island and complete a sequence of tasks. … More The Touryst

Night Call

Another game that was on my to play list and then appeared on the ganepass leaving soon list. In Night Call you are a taxi driver who has been implicated in a murder. You therefore have 2 jobs. One, make money as a taxi driver. Two, find out who the murderer is before they arrest … More Night Call


On Reddit Observation was mentioned by a poster in the same sentence as What Remains of Edith Finch which immediately got me interested in playing it. I thus downloaded it and played the first section and had mentally filed it in seems good so far I’ll definitely keep playing. The next day I discover it … More Observation

The Little Acre

Currently there is a challenge on gamepass to get 10,000 achievement points by the end of the month. Each point gives a gamer point that can be then used to purchase things in the store (like more months of gamepass). So I’ve been completing easy achievements on games I’ve already played. I also had a … More The Little Acre

Rain on your Parade

A hilariously funny game that isn’t afraid to poke fun at itself or other games. Learn how to be a cloud that ruins some days whilst rescuing others. I preferred the puzzle levels rather than those with limited time, but there is something for everyone. Puzzles where you need to collect certain items with your … More Rain on your Parade

The Gardens Between

After my Donut Country experience of enjoying a game after being initially unconvinced, I decided to give a second visit to The Gardens Between. Like Donut County I was a bit bemused on first playing by what was happening and it seeming very simple. On second attempt I started to see the beauty of the … More The Gardens Between