Rain on your Parade

A hilariously funny game that isn’t afraid to poke fun at itself or other games. Learn how to be a cloud that ruins some days whilst rescuing others. I preferred the puzzle levels rather than those with limited time, but there is something for everyone. Puzzles where you need to collect certain items with your … More Rain on your Parade

The Gardens Between

After my Donut Country experience of enjoying a game after being initially unconvinced, I decided to give a second visit to The Gardens Between. Like Donut County I was a bit bemused on first playing by what was happening and it seeming very simple. On second attempt I started to see the beauty of the … More The Gardens Between


Unlike my foray into Oxenfree as it was leaving gamepass, Carto had been on my radar for a while and was an instant download on getting gamepass. It didn’t disappoint, although I would have loved more puzzles – I felt it ended abruptly. I finished it in a weekend – just kept going I’ll just … More Carto