The Touryst

I wasn’t sure whether The Touryst was my sort of game but the announcement it was leaving gamepass was the impetus I needed to try it out. I’m glad I did.

It’s a combination of puzzles with a bit of platforming. You talk to the people on each island and complete a sequence of tasks. Some tasks are optional but when you complete them they reward you with coins. Thankfully the optional tasks included the football and arcade games as I didn’t manage to complete those. Other tasks are related to the monuments and need to be completed to progress the game.

Sometimes the controls can be frustrating. There were a couple of puzzles that I knew how to solve but struggled with the precision jumping. I’m not a fan of precision jumping, however I persevered and completed the game.

Most of the game was great fun. I particularly enjoyed completing the art gallery by working out who to take a picture of based on the clues given by the curator. I also appreciated the humour on some of the signs and in conversations.

The game is sprinkled with humour and includes some light references to other things

If you like puzzles I recommend giving it a try. You’ll have to be quick though as it is leaving gamepass soon.

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