Night Call

Another game that was on my to play list and then appeared on the ganepass leaving soon list.

In Night Call you are a taxi driver who has been implicated in a murder. You therefore have 2 jobs. One, make money as a taxi driver. Two, find out who the murderer is before they arrest you. To do this you pick up customers and engage them in conversation whilst driving them to their destination. Some of them will give you clues to the identity of the murderer. Others are a bit quirky and either are there just to provide income or add intrigue. Mine ranged from Santa to a group of drunk people in fancy dress looking for their friend, from businessmen to ghostly children.

Every customer is different and you have options for how you choose to interact with them

After each shift you display your clues on a noticeboard to piece together who did it. Clues come from talking to passengers, information from the police inspector and visiting locations. Some are contradictory so you have to decide on their reliability. To start with I wasn’t really sure how to use the noticeboard, some connections were made automatically and I assumed at that point it was just a matter of finding clues and the murderer would be found by a process of elimination. Later I realised you could hide clues based in your view on the evidence to help narrow it down.

I recommend saving on night 6 as it means if you are wrong in your suspicions you can go back and try again without playing the whole thing over. My first go I was wrong and arrested (I’d narrowed it down to 2 people and misinterpreted a clue). The second go I was murdered by the judge! On my third and final attempt I successfully got the information and was free to leave Paris.

There are some more unusual customers…

It reminds me a bit of a choose-your-own adventure book. At each stage you have a range of customers you can collect and then options for how to respond as you talk with them. I enjoyed reading the interactions and choosing how to act. I mainly just collected the nearest person, but sometimes would be intrigued by the picture and so collect someone from further away.

There were a couple of other scenarios to play but I was content with my single play through. If it appeals to you, you’ve got a few days to try it before it leaves ganepass…

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