Gaming strengths and weaknesses… (EXP Share)

This month’s EXP share is to write about an interesting or weird gaming related thing you are good at or proud of.

Initially I wasn’t sure where to start with this. There are plenty of gaming related scenarios that I am most definitely not good at. For example any action game I am guaranteed to get stuck at the first boss fight. I think my reaction times are just a bit slower than needed. It’s also a source of disappointment that I have never topped the Tetris 99 leaderboard, although I regularly make the top 10. I just struggle when it’s down to the final handful and the pieces are raining down.

Game genres that I’m generally good at are puzzles and turn-based strategy (which is a bit like a puzzle if you think about it). Due to the slower pace of these types of games you don’t get the same surge of adrenaline followed by the euphoria at winning. However I do get a real sense of achievement from completing a puzzle game or winning a hard-fought fight.

A game I’m good at (and it has a penguin on the cover!)

One game I was particularly good at, was Picross 3D: Round 2. I found it relaxing to just snip away at the shape following the clues. I used to complete the weekly nonagram in the newspaper as a teenager, so that had obviously helped hone my skill. I’m pretty quick at solving them, and completed every shape. I them ensured I’d got the maximum score on each one (with no mistakes in snipping) by replaying any levels I needed too. I was proud of managing to complete all of them, but also a bit sad – I wanted more to do…

Currently I’m playing Murder By Numbers which is an interesting take on the genre – using picross puzzles to solve mysteries. These puzzles are much easier, but it’s still a fun idea. If you have other fun puzzle suggestions let me know…

3 thoughts on “Gaming strengths and weaknesses… (EXP Share)

  1. Love picross! It’s a comfort game that you can play and play and let the world melt into the background.

    My weakness is games that require patience, persistence or both. Games like Dark Souls or Bloodborne kick my butt.

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    1. Definitely a comfort game. I think I’m similar in that I don’t mind taking my time over a puzzle but I don’t want to have to keep repeating the same action again and again if I fail, I’d rather go slow and do it right first time and action games often don’t allow you to do that.

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  2. Thank you for sharing! I have never played a Picross game, but it looks interesting to try out.

    You also make a good point about turn-based strategies being similar to a puzzle. Battles are just a complicated puzzles that you have to figure out how to solve with the pieces that you have.

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