The Little Acre

Currently there is a challenge on gamepass to get 10,000 achievement points by the end of the month. Each point gives a gamer point that can be then used to purchase things in the store (like more months of gamepass). So I’ve been completing easy achievements on games I’ve already played. I also had a look at the games I’d saved to play later, specifically looking for short games. One of which was The Little Acre.

You start out in the family home.

In The Little Acre you alternate between playing as worried Aidan and his fearless daughter Lily. They become separated early on. The game switches between them, and their very different commentaries on the situation.

It soon becomes apparent that things aren’t as straightforward as they first seemed

During the game you can interact with different objects to solve puzzles. Some items get stored in your inventory until you need them later. Items get left behind once they have served their purpose so you don’t end up with loads to search through. None of the puzzles are particularly difficult. There is a hint system that will also give you the full solution if you do get completely stuck. The story is enjoyable, I particularly liked that the same locations were used for both characters at some points and seeing their different take on what they were experiencing.

A puzzle from early on in the game.

I enjoyed my play through and I’m intending on going for a speed run soon to pick up the achievements I missed. If you enjoy a story with some light puzzles and have a couple of hours to spare it is well worth playing.

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