Rain on your Parade

A hilariously funny game that isn’t afraid to poke fun at itself or other games. Learn how to be a cloud that ruins some days whilst rescuing others.

It is definitely fun to be a cloud

I preferred the puzzle levels rather than those with limited time, but there is something for everyone. Puzzles where you need to collect certain items with your cloud in the right order. Covert missions avoiding the sun or guards out to stop your fun. Levels that need only certain items to get wet. Some objectives are essential to passing a level and some are optional. After completing the game there are new objectives for most levels giving a bit of extra challenge and a reason to replay the game.

You start the game as a simple rain cloud but gradually learn new powers: lightning, snow and how to be a tornado. Sometimes it is obvious which power you need to use, for example getting people wet means use rain. Sometimes it needs a bit more thought (or trial and error) such as when defeating the turrets.

In a level reminiscent of Donut Country you need to move the blackhole around to swallow everything

I’ve enjoyed the game so far and have reached the ending, but with new game plus adding extra objectives to each level I’ve still got lots to do. If you enjoy light-hearted puzzles then give it a try.

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