Donut County

I downloaded this as I enjoy puzzles but after about 20 minutes was unconvinced. The story seemed a bit random and the puzzles very easy.

Chatting around the campfire far underground

However I persevered and the game grew on me. The puzzles got slightly harder – you had to think about what you were doing rather than just randomly move the hole around and see what falls down. The story still seemed random but I began to appreciate the donut humour and understand what was happening.

Your aim is to get all the objects to fall down the hole

On each level you deliver a donut (hole) and move it around to collect items in the level. As you collect items the hole grows larger allowing you to collect larger and larger items. Later in the game you acquire a catapult that can be used to fire objects you’ve collected out of the hole, this can be used to dislodge other objects. Sometimes you’ll need to interact with other objects in the environment such as a large bird that can drink water from the hole. I found levels where you had to interact with other objects more fun as they had more of a puzzle feel. Late game puzzles do require a bit of thought or trial and error (move the hole near objects to see how they react and how that could be used to damage the environment), but it never gets particularly difficult.

Make everything fall down the hole to complete each level

The story is presented as a series of flashbacks. Each character has a level which shows how they ended up falling down the hole, I was initially confused by this as it’s you directing the hole. Later in the game the flashbacks stop and you have to rescue everyone from the hole.

Even though it had a somewhat shaky start I’m glad a finished it. If you want a short, relaxing game have a go and let me know what you think…

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