Unlike my foray into Oxenfree as it was leaving gamepass, Carto had been on my radar for a while and was an instant download on getting gamepass.

It didn’t disappoint, although I would have loved more puzzles – I felt it ended abruptly. I finished it in a weekend – just kept going I’ll just solve this next bit and then I was done. The last chapter in particular was very quickly solved, and much easier than the preceding chapters.

The basic premise is you have a magical map which allows you to move pieces around if the sides match (like Carcassonne or a jigsaw). Carto can walk around on the ground and interact with people and objects. She can also open the map and change the world around. You solve puzzles by moving the pieces, sometimes this rewards you with an extra piece or a new character you can speak to.

Different levels add in new strategies – for example in one chapter moving pieces on your floor also moves the pieces on the floor below. In another chapter you have to make particular shapes with the pieces to be able to complete an objective. I liked the range of different mechanisms employed – each chapter had its own feel, which kept me engaged. I particularly enjoyed it when several mechanisms were combined together, however this didn’t happen as frequently as I’d have liked

There are also puzzles that are solved when walking around. Some have visual or audio clues – to say more than this would spoil the puzzles. I found them enjoyable and at some points quite challenging. Some puzzles definitely gave me a sense of achievement when I worked out what I needed to do. I tended to find these harder than the piece puzzles, but enjoyed the variety.

I’d love to play more games like this. I love puzzles! Any suggestions let me know…

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