Gaming for two

My main playing partner and regular opponent is my husband. We love cooperative games, especially if one of us is feeling less up for playing a game at that moment in time – I think this is due to when we play together against the game we can compensate more for being tired and this leads to less frustration. Also if we decide we want to play a cooperative game it narrows down the choice which makes picking what to play a bit easier. Our two most played games are both cooperative – Thunderbirds (36 plays) and Pandemic (34 plays). Incidentally, our third most played game is a quick and fun filler – Love Letter (31 plays).

In the last couple of years, life has become much more busy which has lead to a drastic reduction in gaming opportunities and also time to write a blog. Turns out teaching takes up a lot of time. However with some changes in place the plan is for the gaming (and blogging) journey to resume.


2 thoughts on “Gaming for two

    1. We have Patchwork, and I love it. I’m also much better at it than my husband which means he doesn’t like it that much, I tend to be much better at games that involve spatial planning. I’ve never tried Lost Cities, just looked it up on BoardGameGeek and it looks like our sort of game, so I’ve added it to my wishlist. Thanks!


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